La Tomatina, Park Street

La Tomatina, Park Street

With doors and windows opened just a few hours ago it would be cruel to offer a review of La Tomatina. This is more a preview of a new restaurant which offers tapas, coffee and drinks in the ideal location for summer overlooking College Green and situated at the beginning of Park Street. With windows that open completely like concertinas it is perfectly suited for summer and designed to let a breeze come through.

It was a little too breezy for me and the windows were shut so my 15-month-old daugher Mersina could keep sleeping in peace in her buggy as I ordered my lunch. I fortuitously walked by on my way to Rhyme Time at the Bristol Central Library as I was early for the 2pm session and thought I would stop in to kill some time.

While waiting I had a glass of house red, which was a Tempranilla, some padron peppers, deep fried squid with allioi and a caramelized onion and pepper tortilla. It was all rather lovely and luckily they already take debit and credit cards.

The menu includes tapas, paella, desserts and drinks. No paellas were available today but the place was busy already on its first day. I shall be back soon for, perhaps, a proper review and I will certainly return for their Spanish evening for conversation. My daughter slept through our visit to La Tomatina this time but hopefully she will be fully versed in hola and ¿dónde está la paella? by the time we next visit.

La Tomatina en Reno_0008_2009

La Tomatina is named after the world famous festival held in the small Spanish town of Buñol which has had a tomato fight each year since at least 1944.

2 – 4 Park Street, Bristol

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