Blueberry and ricotta pancakes

Blueberry and ricotta pancakes

With leftover ricotta in the fridge and an abundance of blueberries – three punnets bought at 40p each and one arriving with the veg box – I felt inspired this morning to find out whether blueberry and ricotta pancakes are a thing.

They are. They are very tasty so here is the recipe:

1 cup of self-raising flour
A pinch of salt
1 egg
1 cup of milk
2 table spoons of ricotta
half a cup of blueberries
butter for the frying pan

Add the flour and salt to a bowl. Make a well and add the egg and milk and ricotta. Whisk until well combined. Add the blueberries and mix. Our blueberries were huge so I cut them in half.

Dollop the mixture into the frying pan and fry the pancakes until bubbles appear on the one side. Flip over.

I drizzled with maple syrup and my daughter loved them.

Tip from the Homemade Mama: add two teaspoons of corn flour into the mixture for fluffy pancakes.

Blueberry and ricotta pancakes

Mersina enjoying her blueberry and ricotta pancakes

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