Me and Mr Hyde but not really me

I have been on the hunt for thank you cards this week and so I paused and doubled back after walking by a stall at the Harbourside Market. Minimalist and elegant from afar, the set of cards and magnets being sold, were all of a sudden hilarious, ingenious, amusing, tender and to the point, up close.

I bought three cards and two magnets because that’s all I could afford. I was given a third one free as I was walking away and now I want more. I love them.

Me and Mr Hyde - Daddy, mama and baby

The website doesn’t have any pictures on it yet and Me and Mr Hyde isn’t on twitter but you can probably email him and find out where he will be. Scientist by day, elusive artist by every other night, he is certain to be very sought after soon. (Which means he will be more expensive.)

Me and Mr Hyde - Ninjas hate snow

Me and Mr Hyde - Magnets

That middle magnet says “the results are in, you’re a dick”.

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