Buttercup, Wardrobe Theatre

In a theatre above the White Bear pub on St Michael’s Hill you will find one of the most brilliant social commentaries from a cow called Buttercup whose very touching description of love has to do with square eyes and sticky teeth.

With a swipe of his DM shod foot and a twist of the arms, in a graceful imitation of a matador in a Paso Doble, Tom Wainwright, the Venue’s last and shortest reigning editor, transforms himself into the working class bovine who wins Masterchef and finds that the working class can fall in love too.

Wainwright’s physical charm is mesmerizing as he samples from a wide -range of tv chefs and reality tv stars. He is a one man tornado of magnetic and magical delectable offerings and he is hilarious to boot.

£5 for 50 minutes at a theatre above a pub will be the most rewarding choice you’ll make this year. The show is amazing.

Just a day ago I would have wrongly told you that the Phantom of the Opera was the best thing in Bristol. Now I say go see Buttercup more than once, instead.


Runs until 23 June

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