Some fun things

There are so many things I see and want to write about but then I forget or spot the next thing and can’t figure out when to write a whole post about them. I’ll include as many as I can remember here instead.

Humble Bundle

Pay what you like for a bundle of music and distribute the sum between charity, the artist and the site. The artists include They Might Be Giants and Ok Go.

There are five days left for the current bundle.

Cherry Pie Lane

I chat to Cherry Pie Lane on Twitter and she posts the most beautiful handcrafted goods that it makes me want to pick up something and do something else with it. One of my favourite things is the clay baby foot commemorating a birth.

Children’s Wool Craft Classes

The Homemade Mama is doing some wool craft classes for children. My little girl is too little but I imagine that older tinies would enjoy making pom poms and garlands and other interesting things.

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