The heartbreak of shoo

The heartbreak of shoo

Little M is 18-months-old now and has recently acquired, developed, discovered a few more words.

She has new o and oo words. Hel-lo with the second syllable about an octave lower; twoo as in the number two; and shoo as in shoes, as in ‘Mersina, where are your shoes?’ as in we need to put your shoes on before we go out.

She knows that shoes mean going out. For months now she has brought my shoes to me, has brought her cardigan and her little backpack so I can put them on her and she then gets excited because she believes we are going out.*

Last night around 10pm she was failing to fall asleep and she rushed off to find her cardigan, the one her dad calls a rainbow jumper but is neither rainbow coloured nor is it a jumper.

She then proclaimed ‘shoo’ and rushed off to the door. She picked up my trainers and brought them to me.


No, it’s late we have to go to sleep.

She picks up the shoes from where I put them down and holds them out again.


The shoes go back on the floor and she picks them up and takes them to the edge of the bed where we sometimes sit to put her shoes on.

No. No shoes. No going out.

Utter heartbreak.


*Little M has not yet learned that correlation does not equal causation. (“The heartbreak of correlation does not mean causation” was an alternative title possibility.)

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