Not a book review, of Naomi Wolf – Vagina, barely coherent

Suzanne Moore, who also writes for the Mail on Sunday (I added this bit in because I have a very negative view of the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday), has written her opinion of Naomi Wolf’s book Vagina*, on the Guardian’s Comment Is Free. It’s an emotional piece full of sarcasm and mockery. She details her dislike of Wolf and goes on to pour scorn on bits and pieces of the latter’s writing.

This isn’t a book review. Even if Mail-on-Sunday-writer Moore is right, I wouldn’t trust this article at all. One bit that I did find even more redundant than the personal bitterness that Moore expresses was her insult at Wolf, calling her an apologist for Assange.

The above phrase, and “rape apologist”, have now become the new comparison with Hitler. Conversation is meant to stop afterwards. It is a very sad state of affairs when it is men and not women feminists who have to remind us that men who are accused of rape don’t normally have their names in headlines and are not usually extradited so they can face questions about their actions (Why the US is out to get Assange).

If in doubt do take a look at the Women Under Siege Twitter timeline to read about all the rape cases which are not being pursued across international borders.

Anyway, a very Mail-on-Sunday piece on the Guardian. It tells you a lot more about Moore than it does about Wolf’s Vagina.

*I keep meaning to check whether other headlines about book titles would have contained the word book: i.e. I expected to write Naomi Wolf’s Vagina in the same way that I would write Jeffrey Eugenides’ The Marriage Plot but that would probably be misleading. I’ll check common practise.

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