The trauma of Pingu

Mersina and I were watching Pingu yesterday, ostensibly together. In actual fact I was writing about the Bristol Pound so when she rushed over to me terrified I was a bit shocked.

I looked up at the television and there in a scene better left to the nightmares of older kids was a steamroller driven by a penguin headed straight towards another penguin trapped against a rock.

M and I watched in horror as the steamroller showed no signs of slowing down even as the trapped penguin’s nose began to be crushed.

This took place in seconds, in case you were wondering why I did not stop this extreme toddler-animation. I didn’t get a chance to do anything other than cuddle my little girl and tell her it would be alright.

Pingu makers, what were you thinking?

M woke up in terror a few minutes after falling asleep last night and could barely be consoled. I wonder if she was dreaming about steamrollers.


3 responses to “The trauma of Pingu

  1. First, a declaration of interest: I’m loth to hear a word said against Pingu, in my opinion the funniest (family) animation of the past two decades. Yes, I know I’m 42. Anyway, the scene does sound a little traumatic; but what happened next? I assume the penguin was not crushed. And what’s the target age group for Tom and Jerry? Far worse things happen in that.

    Perhaps there is a substantive difference between 2D and 3D animation, and the characters in the latter somehow feel more “real” to us. Or perhaps it’s just because those penguins are do darn cute.

  2. Oh, dear! Pingu never used to be this gruelling in my sons’ time! Or are these repeats from 15 years ago anyway? 🙂

    Maybe we were more trusting that things would work out OK. I loved Pingu, especially the way they all talk.

  3. Andy and Judith, as a fellow Pingu lover, I was also stunned by the episode. I am not sure whether my mock outrage outweighs my awe and amazement at how traumatic this incident was for poor little M.

    The penguin was not crushed but in all fairness to my 19-month-old daughter it was very difficult to anticipate the outcome!

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