Herbert’s Bakery, Montpelier

Herbert’s Bakery, Montpelier

I heard about Herbert’s bakery when a four-day pop up restaurant took over at the site of the Runcible Spoon and I tried their egg and bacon sandwich. The bread was the overnight white bloomer from Herbert’s and I was determined to find it and bring some home.

From the city centre it doesn’t take too long to head over to Stokes Croft and then turn up Picton Street (where a friend said it was located), past an Italian deli with Lavazza coffee cheaper than at the local Tesco supermarket and aisles brimming with imported tasty goods.

As I arrived at Bell’s Diner and the Thali cafe I had to ask for directions because the place where Google maps suggested was quite blatantly bakery-free. I found it just past the Thali and around the corner. I also found brownies, lemon poppy seed muffins, almond croissants, sandwiches, organic white bread flour, Eccles cakes and a sultana scone.


Herberts Bakeries Ltd, 12 York Road, Montpelier, Bristol, BS6 5QE, http://www.herbertsbakery.co.uk/

I then looked up all the locations where Herberts Bakeries deliver bread and discovered that one of them is about 500 metres down my road.

Bee Healthy – Stoke Lane, Westbury on Trym

Boca Cina – Wells Road, Totterdown

Pacto Supermarket – Wells Road, Totterdown

Monika’s – Cotham Road South, Cotham

Mother Nature – High Street, Portishead

The Bread Shop – Mina Road, St Werburghs

Southville Deli – North Street, Southville

Monty’s Menu – 359 Gloucester Road, Horfield

Clifton Health Foods – 67 Queens Road, Clifton

Earthbound – Abbotswood Road, Cotham

The Mall Deli – 12/14 The Mall, Clifton

Harvest – Gloucester Road, Bishopston

The Real Olive Co – St Nicholas Market, Clifton Down Shopping Centre

Licata – Picton Street and Gloucester Road

A & M Stores – Ashley Hill, Ashley Down

The Spar Store – Hotwells Road

One response to “Herbert’s Bakery, Montpelier”

  1. I love Herberts Bakery. We used to walk there whenever we could when we lived on Stokes Croft. It’s less handy these days.

    BTW the Totterdown info is out of date. The bread is no longer delivered to Patco (which recently downsized) but instead to Banana Boat.

    Mmm, I really fancy some Herberts bread now!

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