Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

I didn’t tell a soul I was reading Never Let Me Go because I couldn’t risk anyone spoiling it for me. There was something so precious about these recollections of a former student at one of what seem to be specialised schools around England. Kathy H spends her time driving around the country caring for others and telling her story.

The stories involve a time of gentle and developing friendships between children in what seems like an orphanage. They spent their time navigating the rules of friendship and social relations in a manner so familiar to anyone having navigated school and other people.

The stories go back in forth in time in a story full of foreshadowing and intrigue and of the utter gentleness of these little characters. I fell so in love with them and felt their anticipation and fear at growing up and having to transition into a strange and scary life outside of a known home.

This was a beautiful story, written so lovingly and carefully. I highly recommend it.

4 responses to “Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro”

  1. Not a spoiler in sight! Well done. This book was so good! I liked it so much better than the movie. Unfortunately, the movie description will tell all- it’s a major spoiler, while I loved the book for not knowing what was going on and slowly discovering the truth. A very good book.

  2. I wanted to avoid spoilers so much that I almost didn’t write a review but I found it hard to move on to the next books without a final write-up. I just loved this book. Good reminder to go read your review as well, Judith. I’ve just read Remains of the Day too – Ishiguro is such a poignant writer. I want to read everything he has ever written now.

    1. Wasn’t Remains of the day great too? I didn’t enjoy Nocturnes, his short story collection, so much, though, but that’s because I’m not keen on short stories.

      I’ve yet to read A Pale View of the Hills, but I read Once We Were Orphans and that was good, too. I think Remains of the Day is the best-written and Never Let me Go has the best plot.

  3. Beautiful book, isn’t it? I’ve been trying to get Tim to read it but without telling him spoilers it’s hard to explain why I think he’d like it. I really liked Artist of a Floating World and Remains of the Day too.

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