A good thing a day – at the shop

I have started to write at least one good thing that happens each day. I won’t share them all on here but I like this anecdote and I have pictures for it so I thought I would post. On new year’s day Mersina and I met up with her dad at the Brandon Hill play area.

We had a lovely time at the playground and little M went on the slide which she usually loves but her leggings were so slippery that she went flying off at the bottom and she didn’t want to keep sliding down. Instead she found an area underneath the slide which had an open space like a window. She brought us some sand and then proceeded to sell stuff in her shop with her daddy asking for certain items. It was so clever.

“Do you have any bananas?”
“Can I have three buttons, please?”

M would go off to find whatever item was requested; bananas, spoon, shoes, books and by the last few items she would be past the playing equipment collecting sand to bring forward.

A little girl was watching and M looked her way eagerly in anticipation of her wanting something from the shop but she said no, twice.

I can’t figure out who was more clever, Mersina for engaging so quickly in the idea of being at a shop or her daddy for thinking of it. It was brilliant fun.




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