Why I make resolutions

The mind is not my friend. It tells me there are things I should be doing, places I need to be, discussions from years ago, random arguments, unused things, plans that make no sense, snippets of songs, worries about death, or rapes in India or something going on somewhere that makes me upset. It doesn’t help me to write that book I’ve always wanted to write. To run a marathon. To take photos and publish them. To create a new design for my website. Not without my conscious effort at least.

The mind is no one’s friend. Thoughts are in constant confusion because of what Buddhists call the monkey mind. You decide to start training for a half-marathon and go out for a few runs but three months down the line you silently give up and never know why. The mind has distracted you with its never-ending list of things to think about.

I want to write a book and run a marathon and complete a triathlon and print some postcards and do a myriad other things which would feel successful and productive and help me understand me and the world a little bit more. I need some help to do these things and I am the best person to offer that help. I write resolutions to give myself guidance about what will make me happy. I suggest ways in which to get these things done. I try to make them fun. I aim for creativity and I love the idea that I am helping myself.

That’s why I write resolutions. I am listening to my desires for a great and amazing and happy life and doing my best to give it to myself. If I don’t succeed then I don’t get upset or angry, I just look to see how I can help myself to get back on track to achieve what will make me happy again. That’s all.

The Buddha said “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” I don’t intent to leave what I think to chance or to TV and all the disaster stories and attempts to get better ratings with shocking tales and graphic images.

That’s why I do resolutions. Do you make resolutions?

A Thai temple in Wimbledon

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