First week done, how did I do?

I did ok for my first week of resolute living. I have posted every day even if I haven’t remembered to write down one good thing for each of them. I haven’t run much apart from a hundred metres or so up a hill to get to the supermarket but that isn’t what I meant when I wrote my resolutions so I won’t let it count.

I got an article published even though it was a day late.

My biggest success has been my search for spiritual and creative support and it seems to have come up everywhere. I have enjoyed the Osho teachings, a man described as more dangerous than Jesus by Tom Robbins. I have discovered posts and tweets by friends which have helped me explore creativity, habit forming and randomness, and all at the right time.

Jose wrote about habits and provided useful tools for organising himself. He inspired me to wake up early and do useful things with my time. The lifehacker article he links to makes a great point about how successful people seem to wake up early to get things done. Also Joe’s Goals is a site I’ve used before where you add in your goals and then check off whether you’ve done them or not. A great way to hold yourself accountable.

I then read Matt’s post about Project 52 and got so inspired about being creative, or learning even more about being creative, that I immediately downloaded The Artist’s Way: A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self by Julia Cameron.

Matt mentions two things about which I am already excited: 1) the morning pages which to me seem a bit like meditation – write three pages of uncensored prose of anything entirely-up-to-you-whatever and then get on with your day; and 2) the artist dates which are time specifically set aside for creativity. This is also something that I want to do this year and I was talking about it with Ben on Twitter.

Not only did he support the idea of randomness but he also had suggestions of authors to read: Brian Eno, Shannon, Turing, Gödel. How synchronicitous. So I have plenty to work on.

I think I need more specific tasks for my writing because while I keep going on about a novel, I have managed no additional words at all. My new resolution is to add at least 1000 words a week. I have also done no real exercise apart from carry my daughter around town for hours on end. I will have to ponder on what to do about this but I don’t have the motivation yet.

Instead I will leave you with my latest personal lesson which is to spend the night away from my tiny little girl for the first time ever as she is staying with her father for the first in a series of sleepovers. So not only do I have plans but I also have some loneliness and some time.

Let’s see how that goes.

Is up the only way?

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