The Killing and civil liberties

I’ve finished watching the Killing and am on to series two and am increasingly getting ever more concerned about how many powers the Danish police actually have.

They use mobile phones to track people at will; one guy didn’t answer his door when they rang the bell so they broke it down; they lie to people they are questioning and question them when they haven’t even charged them and look through personal belongings with a search warrant among other things.

No matter how concerned I get, I don’t seem to see a corresponding concern in other viewers or journalists. I have searched a large number of combination terms for the killing police powers, civil liberties, etc and nothing comes up. I look for worry over police powers in Denmark, and there is also little although I did find this interesting article about muslim gangs terrorising suburbs.

Killing one mentions integration of ethnic minorities and Killing series two mentions muslims and terrorism.

My main priority though is the police procedures so I’ll keep looking out for information about that.

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