New life, new year

Apparently 95% of people break their resolutions by January 15, assuming they made any in the first place. This is what Tony Robbins says and he posted a motivational video to help bring down the percentage.

A fresh start sounds good and to help me out with my new year I’m going to get rid of some of my old diaries. I was looking through all the angst the other day and I realised there was very little I wrote as support. Most of it was simply an exploration of what was going on and the rest was all those voices and thoughts that don’t get to see the light of day very often.

I don’t need them for anything. Their hope is gone and the events they talk about have nothing to do with my current life.

Blank paper is always useful. Lines that have already been filled up are of very little help. I wish it could be one of those cleansing ceremonies with Sage and fire and some type of essence but I’m worried the baby would get hurt.

I’ll just tear up the pages and recycle and then get rid of the gig tickets and memories of plays.

A new year, a new beginning.

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