Rubicon Too, Cotham Hill

I couldn’t imagine liking any place which had vintage chairs in the window. I mean, how utterly pointless and vile (I am not a fan of vintage stuff – no tea cups or flowers or chintzy things at all). But I was wrong. The Rubicon Too is a rather comforting place which feels incredibly welcoming by which I mean that I was welcomed initially and ignored thereafter. Perfect.

When half the shops and cafes on Cotham Hill were closed because of the snow a couple of days ago, the Rubicon Too’s windows were steamed up and so I went in. Not the dodgy kind of steamed up, just the warm-inside-and-freezing-outside kind of steam.

Their large soy latte cost only £2.20 and was very, very good which is something I don’t say lightly. My usual routine with independent cafes is to ask for a soy latte up to three times and if they get it wrong the final time I ask for an Americano. This happens a lot.

Not at Rubicon Too though where the large size is very large and the soy milk remains uncurdled. I liked sitting there and writing in my notebook and my toddler daughter liked running around. They also have excellent champagne and strawberry truffles.

I really liked it and will go again.

Bicycles outside the Rubicon Too and my admiring daughter

This is the inside and apologies for the rubbish picture, it’s a lot nicer than I make it look

22 Cotham Hill, Cotham, Bristol, BS6 6LA.

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