The Secret Keeper, book review

SECRET KEEPER AUSNZAt 16 Laurel witnessed a horrible crime which remained unexplained for years. Now her mother lies dying and it is her last chance to discover what really happened.

The Secret Keeper is Kate Morton’s third book and it is one of the loveliest if not always pleasant stories I have read. The characters are drawn with incredible depth and the lightest touch which makes it hard easy to believe they are real.

The writing is addictive. Morton entices with her plot, settings and style so much that it is impossible to stop reading. From the present to war time and beyond, the back and forth of the storyline never loses its pace.

I found this story as utterly gripping as the characters Morton writes. It’s wonderful and I want to say as little as possible because I don’t want to give away any part of the plot.

I don’t normally rate books but this gets 5/5.

3 responses to “The Secret Keeper, book review”

  1. Wow, you really liked this! I was less keen on the story, I found it slow at times – I thought the ending was very good, although I almost didn’t get that far, for lack of interest.

    Isn’t it funny how we all react differently to a book? I must say, most reviews I read were very positive about the book, so I think I’m a minority.

  2. How funny Judith, now that I have stopped being overexcited about the great ending I remember that I also thought nothing of stopping the book and I don’t think I was even fussed about the secret so much. She downplayed it really well but maybe to the detriment of momentum. The whole story set in the current time didn’t really have any use except for a device to get the other story going so it took up too much time.

    Good reminder! I may update the post. You always make me think more :).

  3. I agree, the story in the current time wasn’t really necessary and a bit unreal – she could have tried a bit harder to get some information from her mother. As you say, it was a device for the rest of the story and I felt that was too obvious.

    My post on it is here:

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