From health to happiness

I was too tired to post yesterday and ended up falling asleep when M drifted off. Today, to make up for the lack, I thought I would offer a selection of topics I’ve been enjoying through the week.

Creating space to hold your child’s emotions
From the Attachment Parenting blog comes this article on allowing or providing a space for your child to feel whatever emotion that arises in them. It is a nice way to think of your own emotions as well, to just let them be and embrace them.

Cupcake challenge
Emerald Street in association with Hummingbird Bakery are running a competition for a reader-submitted cupcake to be sold at their shops for two months. Make the cupcake, post a picture and send the recipe. (oh and you have to sign up to their website to read this post – cheeky).

The destruction of the NHS
There are some tragic and important tweets from the NHA party on Twitter

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