Not really ageing

Robyn Wright is in House of Cards as the wife of Kevin Spacey’s character and she has wrinkles and is an older woman. I remember her as a young actress in Santa Barbara and the Princess Bride.


When did she grow older?


(Source: The Talks)

The passing of time seems strange.

When you walk into a library there is a moment when you can be anyone or experience anything for a few days or hours or sometimes weeks. When it comes to life you only get one  however. Just one and you’re the book and it’s only one topic.

Or is it? I’ve been wondering about this. I remember being little – physically and age-wise- and having to look up to people. There was a clear separation between me and them. That was one lifetime.

Then I remember growing and realising that I didn’t have to look up to anyone anymore. The teenage years.

Then the university years. The first job, the paying-my-own bills years. The boyfriends, the loves, the socialising and the cultural lifetimes.

Once done it’s all gone because time is linear. If you break a cup now at time x, the cup cannot be unbroken at time x+1. In the western world we even sense time going from left to right. The future is to the right, the past to the left.

Time series graphs have time periods increasing to the right and decreasing to the left. It’s progress. We change, we evolve, we grow, we age.

I was reading a book by Osho tonight and he mentioned a thought experiment – were you to live on an island alone, what would your face look like? How would you know what you looked like?

It made me think. I can’t feel time shifting in any direction. Right is meant to be forwards and I can understand that but I don’t feel it from the ever present now. I just feel now as I felt it in the other life periods or life times.

When I see Robyn Wright as a woman in her 40s rather than the young soap opera actress I don’t think “oh we’ve aged”, I wonder “what world is this I’m living in? Who are these new young actors on advertisements covering buses? These young people wearing bizarre clothing and opening restaurants. What is this parallel universe and how did I get here?”

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