Stuff every woman should know, really

stuff every woman should knowQuirk books taught me how to do a 180′ turn in a car and have generally provided much happiness and security. The introduction to one of their most famous publications will explain how:




Danger! It lurks at every corner. Volcanoes. Sharks. Mountain lions. Quicksand. Terrorists. The pilot of the plane blacks out and it’s up to you to land the jet. What do you do? The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook is here to help survive the most harrowing predicaments: jam-packed with how-to, hands-on, step-by-step, instructions on everything you need to know fast–from detecting a bomb to delivering a baby in the back of a cab.

The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook

So bear this in mind while I review one of their latest offerings, Stuff Every Woman Should Know and note that the book is an aquamarine blue. Stuff every woman should know includes how to ask for a raise, ten stylish pieces every woman should own and how to parallel park.

I can’t find any “you can’t tell me what to do” tingly senses about this book. I found myself nodding along when I read about how to handle a break up (no scorpions in trousers, rotten fish behind radiators or 20 pizzas delivered to their office were mentioned) and I almost took notes while reading how to have style.

This is like a handy pocket-sized instruction manual for any alien finding themselves having to deal with being a woman in the western world. I think we’re all aliens trying to fit into our genders.

My favourite is how to slow dance because it starts with wrap your arms around your partner’s neck and ends with make eye contact, acknowledging your dance partner instead of staring over his shoulder at your friends is both acceptable and encouraged. I found that sweet.

Also some good tips on how to buy a car – best time is towards the end of the month because the sales people and the dealers need to meet their quotas.

Okay, one last best part: the section on which drinks to order when. Vodka tonic, dining with your boss / clients at a steakhouse; Bloody Mary at brunch and red wine on a first date.

I remember drinking red wine at a first date at the Highbury Vaults – a pub at the top of a hill of which I lived at the bottom. Three glasses on an empty stomach later and he had to help me home but I did get a kiss at the door.

Stuff every woman should know is very handy and bag-sized. I like it and I like the professional and practical tone. It’s the gentler handbook from Quirk books.

2 responses to “Stuff every woman should know, really”

  1. Sounds like a fun and useful book. Thanks for the review.

    1. It’s lots of fun, Judith. Quirk books are brilliant, not sure if you’ve come across them but I think I mentioned the post-apocalyptic Last Policeman to you before Christmas.

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