New books and more books

I write a fair proportion of my posts about books and one of the ways I obtain my reading material is from Netgalley. For bloggers and reviewers, this is a site where publishers provide books.

You request, you get approved or not, and if the former you get to access the book in the hope that you will provide feedback.

To my great dismay, I have been consistently rejected by Harlequin books for the last few months. I haven’t read that kind of romance for years but I’ve now become determined to review as many books as I can on the site so they will finally approve me. I love a challenge.

Anyway, tangents aside, here’s a link to their latest tumblr post and a copy of their book which includes 28 excerpts of new spring and summer releases.

I aim to read this and recommend some interesting new books but I don’t trust that I will remember to do it so here’s the link:


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