Valentines Day

Here’s why I like Valentines Day, for one day a year everyone is focussing on love and happiness even if they’re alone and miserable.

It’s the same reason I love graduation days even when I’m not graduating. The sense of achievement and success and possibilities is everywhere. The happiness was almost palpable as I used to sit in square 3 at Essex University and watch the graduands walk around in their robes.

If Uri Geller could bend a spoon by having everyone focus on the tv set imagine what could be achieved for love. Maybe we could think about love of all the animals and free them from their cages in the zoo or just avoid eating them. There’s love of the earth and climate change and keeping the Arctic a drill free zone. There’s so much that could be done in the name of love.

I also love it because my daughter was born on February 14 and when everyone is celebrating love we are celebrating her too. Hopefully she will love it for all these reasons too.

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