Stuff everyone should know from Quirk Publishing

There is a quirky little series from Quirk publishers, of Worst-case-scenario handbooks fame,  made up of small and short books that tell you all about stuff you should know. Dad’s learn how to get rid of monsters from children’s bedrooms; Women learn all the jokes they should ever know. There is stuff for husbands, dads, men, moms and I’ve already written about being a woman and recipes for men.

Most of them are very likeable and readable, packaged in hardback and pocket-sized. The Jokes Every Woman Should Know however is filled with old smutty jokes that are mostly about sex. Editor Jennifer Worrick really missed a trick in finding some fresh and innovative material from so many brilliant women comedians.

Insults Every Man Should Know spends three pages in its introduction talking about masturbation. Not a highlight but the rest isn’t too bad.

My favourite is Stuff Every Mom Should Know and the advice ranges from how to deal with unsolicited advice to getting rid of lice.

Here’s a useful tip to prevent lice: create or purchase a solution of pure peppermint or tea tree oil mixed with water at a ratio of five drops of essential oil to one cup of water. Spritz this mixture onto your children’s hair, hats, coats and backpacks to prevent infestation. This spray will repel lice and is useful to have on hand when you are notified that your child has been exposed.

Received for review from Quirk Publishing.

Extra tip*:

How to rid a room of monsters

– Perform a thorough search. Follow your child’s lead, since he’s the one who’s been pondering the likeliest monster hiding spots. Use a flashlight to search under the bed, inside the closet, and behind the furniture. See, no monsters!

Make up a story. Tell your child that only nice monsters live in your house and their names are George and Kitty.

Mix up a monster-repellant spray. Solicit your child’s help in gathering ingredients, such as water and a variety of spices. Pour them into a spray bottle. Walk around the room, spritzing under the bed, inside the closet and behind the furniture.

Introduce a guardian. Offer him a new stuffed animal, doll, or toy that has been empowered to protect children from monsters. If he’s still unconvinced, heap on the hype. Explain that this protector has been passed through three generations of children who all grew up safe and sound.

* For Nick

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