Local elections in Bristol 2013

Local elections in Bristol 2013

Local elections in Bristol 2013: just the facts.

Here is a list of Bristol wards and the candidates (and their address so you can ponder why the Green Cabot councillor is living in Southville and the Lib Dem for Clifton lives in Henleaze) :

You can also examine your candidates’ views about issues at TheyWorkForYou.com. The link is to Bristol South local candidates.

There is a Green candidate standing for election in every ward.

Aside: Vote for Green party candidate Simon Stafford-Townsend in Clifton (because I know him).

The irrationality of voting at elections

Voting in local elections is a slightly less irrational choice than in national elections because your vote is more likely to count. The idea that one vote can mean much doesn’t work too well at an individual level but there are many more reasons to vote which benefit your community and society as a whole, according to many political thinkers and not just me.

Benefits of voting at local, or any, elections

Not voting has other disadvantages which are felt at a personal level such as making people more engaged citizens and letting the parties know who counts. There is less incentive for elected parties to care for the needs of people who do not cast a ballot.

Allowing the wealthy and elite the power of effectively choosing a nation’s leaders regresses the system back to the days when landowners held the power. (The Politics of Voter Suppression)


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