Cider Spectacular at the Southbank Arts Cafe

Cider Spectacular at the Southbank Arts Cafe

The Cider Shop hosted a cider festival at the Southbank Arts Cafe over the weekend and if I’d known how good it would be I would have posted about it beforehand. I started to write while at the festival and then M fell asleep in my arms and I was busy eating a hot dog and drinking two halves of unknown origin cider. One was quite honeyed and pear-tasting and the other dry and not too heavy. Both were pleasant. The queue at the cider purchasing part of the festival was so long that M’s dad picked up four and came back inside.

The festival was put on by the Bristol Cider Shop and the Southbank Arts Cafe was an excellent location. There was a beer garden out the back which quickly filled up and kept everyone away from the spacious indoor pub-like room. We managed to sit on the comfortable sofa and stuck it out there for a bit.

Just before we left I had a coffee from a most intricate coffee-making contraption I’d ever seen. I was dubious of the product and kept saying ‘it smells funny’ although no one listened. The coffee’s aroma was aromatic and nutty and the flavour was sweetish and smooth. Not a hint of acridity or bitterness. I took a photo but didn’t think to ask its origin.

The Southbank Arts Cafe was lovely and a great setting for cider and the large crowd. On Saturdays they have a family children’s session from 9.30 to 12.30 where they show children’s movies. I don’t think M would sit still in a movie yet but the place generally was great.

Southbank Arts cafe indoors

The amazing and wonderful coffee machine (the one on the right)

The Bristol Cider Shop 7 Christmas Steps, Bristol, BS1 5BS; The Southbank Arts Cafe, Dean Lane, Bristol, BS3 1DB
0117 966 5552.

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    • Let me know if you do, I wouldn’t mind going back there for more coffee. The machine is just fascinating.

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