Baowow, Baldwin Street

Bristol’s food scene has just got better with a new Taiwanese take away place on Baldwin Street. Baowow sells Baos – steamed buns -, bahn mi, noodles, soup and rice.

Baowow menu

I visited at the start of the week for one of their £5 lunch specials and tried the duck duck bao, twice cooked confit of duck served with spring onions, coriander, cress and sweet chilli barbecue sauce. The meal deal includes a sesame noodle salad and a drink. The bao was really good and the content tasted like the Peking duck from Chinese restaurants but less crispy and more substantial. The salad wasn’t just greens but had plenty of rice noodles. It was a shame that there was only a choice of four drinks as part of the meal and two of them were coke/diet coke. The selection of drinks in the store looks much better.

There are vegetarian options in every food category and for those that love pork, there is a lot of that too. Also, Vietnamese coffee.

I first heard about the Taiwanese snack Bao from a Munchies episode on Vice: Getting High Off Asian Food with Eddie Huang chef/owner of Baohaus (East Village, Manhattan). Check out from around 10:30 when Huang goes back to his own place and cooks deep fried ice cream sandwich baos for everyone.

It was cash only on Tuesday so be ready.


53 Baldwin Street, Bristol, BS1 1QZ

2 responses to “Baowow, Baldwin Street”

  1. I really liked the bao I had (I think I had the Chairman Bao because I love terrible food puns) but I’m not sure how authentic the bahn mi I had was (I’ve never had one before, but it didn’t seem to match the descriptions I looked up)
    I just ate dinner and now I want porks, damn it!

    1. I added the porks comment just for you! (and Ben). I loved the bao and now need to go back for a bit of the rest. I thought the selection of four drinks as part of the lunch deal was very cheeky. I wouldn’t have chosen any of them.

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