A few coffees in July

Black Coffee at Hart’s Bakery


Sometimes Hart’s Bakery is the best thing about travel.



Coming back from holiday

#0022 The remains of a triple caramel frappucino

Here is where we were, it was a lovely place and we have a rather wonderful time – I forgot to take pictures of the coffees






A Tuesday, last day before work


I feel like the luckiest person in the world to be able to spend four days a week with my daughter.




“Now it’s early. It’s early in the morning. Early in the morning and I ain’t got nothing but the blues.”

– Five Guys Named Moe (best musical I’ve seen)

17 July 2013

Thursday’s coffee has far to go





Coffee that got thrown out


The coffee had been opened at least two-three weeks and it tasted of nothing so I threw it out after a quick taste. I like the picture though.


Coffee at Wallfish Bistro


Most pleasant coffee. No soy milk on their first day but as they told me, they are happy to take suggestions.
A small piece on their breakfast which I thoroughly enjoyed.


Coffee in Clifton


Second coffee of the day at a Clifton playground where I ran into another mum who was at my antenatal class. We met for breakfast with M’s dad before he left for a few days.


(For consistency and flow 23-July-2013)

Coffee on the way to work


Golden Girls, knitting and a soy white mocha.



This is the knitting I’ve been obsessing over (free pattern):






Coffee at work





Saturday morning coffee


Early to bed, early to rise and all that. This coffee preceded a day around Bristol starting on Whiteladies at River Cottage for breakfast and ending up at the Stable for pizza and cider. There was much rain in between and three hours spent at the Bristol Old Vic where M had a nap.


Morning coffee






At the Harbour Festival


A surprisingly wonderful Harbour Festival this year and here’s our last stop – at Cafe Gusto on the Harbourside for two machiattos (one with soy). M got to play with the toys. The paint on her face resembled a tiger for a while.

I was terrified of taking her out among hundreds-of-thousands of people but the rain drove most away luckily and her dad had a good plan for avoiding most of the crowds. We actually visited a fair few of the permanent non-festival things such as the M Shed, the Youth Hostel and Gusto (plus the Gromits at Aardman).


Morning coffee with the winning cup


M and I both won cups from the Clipper stand. You had to spin a wheel which had a one in five chance of landing at the right spot. Mersina was so happy to have won something that as soon as we got home she demanded to drink her juice from it. This morning her cup held my coffee at about 6 in the morning.


Second coffee of the day


My first coffee at Boston Tea Party was curdled so I took it back. My next one came with the information that the first was too hot which is why it curdled. I didn’t bother taking it back after discovering it too had become clumpy and lumpy. I just removed about a third of it and drank the rest. Not the most pleasant experience.

I ate my porridge while staring over at Starbucks across the way – there would have been perfect soy milk and porridge there but I chose to go independent instead. Good for Bristol but not for my taste.


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