The Reluctant Detective: 1 (serialised novel)

It was while waiting for the lift from the fourth floor that Myrene decided to divorce her husband. She would wait not one minute more for that ting sound as the carriage finally arrived from floor 15 and she would wait not one year longer for a loving, enjoyable celebration rather than the surprise birthday party full of strangers from which she had just walked out.
She had to walk back to the flat, drop off the rubbish she carried from her own party and pick up her bag with her cash cards and knitting and books in it.

Updated – Version 2

Melissa didn’t wait to see who was holding up the lift somewhere on the fourth floor before deciding to divorce her husband.

Update: 13-08-22

I’ve become a little obsessed with getting an opening line for a book. So much so that it now sounds contrived no matter what I do.

There’s a woman in front of the elevator. She’s been waiting a long time.

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