Top five Christmas shows in Bristol, 2013

1. Super Sam and Mega Max save Christmas at the Brewery Theatre – until 5 January

A beat-boxing, breakdancing equivalent of the Hangover, for toddlers, with a Christmas theme. Lots of fun for little ones and adults.

2. Antarctica at the Bristol Old Vic – until 4 January

As beautiful as a wildlife documentary by David Attenborough but with thousands of bubbles and an owl-a-bear within touching distance. Wonderfully accessible for all ages. (Review)

3. The Last Voyage of Sinbad the Sailor at the Tobacco Factory – until 12 January

The adventures of Sinbad the Sailor who keeps getting shipwrecked. (Review)

4. Cinderella at the Bristol Hippodrome – until 5 January

This year’s pantomime brought to Bristol by the Hippodrome. Louis Spence, Suzanne Shaw and Andy Ford. Not loved by Bristol Culture but sounds lots of fun. (Review)

5. Se7en Dwarfs at the Wardrobe Theatre – until 22 December

The most brilliant satanic twist between Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Se7en. (Review)

super sam and mega max

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