Book review, The Psychology of Time Travel

This is the debut novel from Kate Mascarenhas who is a part-Irish, part-Seychellois midlander. Since 2017, Kate has been a chartered psychologist. Before that she worked as a copywriter, a dolls’ house maker, and a bookbinder. She lives with her husband in a small terraced house which she is slowly filling with Sindy dolls. This is her first novel.

They say write what you know so some characters are Irish and some are Seychellois. There is a psychologist in the story and many many of the same people but in duplicate as created during time travel. One Goodreads review complained bitterly that Mascarenhas had gone against well-known time-travel narratives as established in Doctor Who and marked the book lower than low. I think she has used an ingenious device to deal with it and one probably much closer to what would ever happen in reality.

This is a smart book with a well-thought out background but more importantly, the plot and characters are believable and likeable. I stayed up all night to read it and the world the author created felt just right. It was only after I finished that I realised it was mainly a female based cast and this tickled me. Men were assuredly not missed.

Some excellent writing.

The Psychology of Time Travel is published 9 August 2018.

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