Renewal coming up for litter police that only fine smokers in central ward

90% of all fines issued by Kingdom are issued in Central ward. The private company that is cost neutral to the council was brought in as part of the mayor’s clean streets initiative. Picking up litter costs the city £6 million a year, according to the council.

What Kingdom say:
They were brought in “as part of Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees’ plans to get tough on tackling litter. We will initially focus on the city centre, and if that is successful the service may be expanded to include other areas of Bristol.”

The Bristol Post wrote:
“The measures will cover a number of littering acts including leaving dog poo, leaflets and chewing gum on pavements and public places. Fines will also be issued to those caught leaving graffiti tags.”

In fact, however, they are spending most of their time in Central ward and have made £704k of their £788k ‘camping out in Broadmead’ as Central Ward cllr Paul Smith tweeted.

90% of all fines in Bristol were in the Central ward;

**8313 were in the Central ward.**

Only 225 were in the next most ‘popular’ ward, Clifton.

Some wards had one fine.

Avonmouth and Lawrence Weston ward has 20k people compared to Central ward’s 15k and they have 37 fines compared to 8313 for Central.

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