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The digest part of the name

I seem to have acquired more than one blog. I have three more than one, two more than the two I had until this week and I’ll tell you why with a story that is one of my favourites from my running.

I was at the gym, a few weeks before my first 10k, running at a steady pace and finding it utterly exhausting. I hadn’t managed to run the full distance yet so it felt pretty important to get in as much training as possible.

I did my best but gave up after about five minutes. Instead I did some running at an incline and put the treadmill to the random setting. I increased the speed to as fast as I could go for as long as I could run and then walked for a bit and generally chop and changed my routine for about 40 minutes. It was brilliant fun.

My housemate and I then went to Tampopo for dinner and I pretty much zonked out on top of my red Thai curry with prawns. I was ill for the next three days with a throat infection so my body was probably right to want me to rest.

I don’t feel proud for tricking it, I’m just glad I put my last bit of energy to good use.

So how is that like having four blogs? Well, I don’t seem to have much energy these days and sometimes I want to post random things that are utterly meaningless but fun. Little posts with few words aren’t a problem on a blog that is filled with meaningless posts.

I also really like the picture on the Miscellaneous blog.

We’ll see how it goes.

The blogs I’ve been talking about:


Bristol Quays And Hidden Colston

And a picture of autumn because it caught my eye as I was browsing Flickr.

Ephemeral Baby: new post, evolving

The Ephemeral Baby blog has been a little quiet recently but there is a new post up with plenty of pictures.

Rolling, tummy time and almost sitting.

Ephemeral Baby: catch-up

There were big moments for nearly everyone last week.

We began our week with baby’s big moment.

Then we had dad’s big moment and some pictures of little M.

Signs that the baby is on her way to being the littlest Wurzel.

And a warning from the NHS – hot drinks harm.

Ephemeral baby: a catch up on posts

Three months and one day old

In case you missed any of the baby posts on the Ephemeral Baby blog I have listed them below.

My (our) multicultural baby found a chance to watch two of her nations fight it out in Eurovision – May 14

Starting to get a little obsessed with everything becoming some kind of lesson for the baby.

Discovering that one size fits all isn’t always true.

Choosing Marti Pellow over my child didn’t turn out so well.

I don’t watch tv so much but if I did, I would watch Seinfeld.

Small little moments of wonder, about time.

Ephemeral Baby: all the week’s posts

Sunday: walking, eating, sleeping and again and again

Friday: the pain we have to go through to get her ready for swimming

Tuesday: Trying to keep a record of all the little things (apart from all the ear wax she seems to produce)


Ephemeral Baby: a week of posts

Sunday: little M not quite getting there yet.

Friday: Sweet, yes. Dessert, no.

Tuesday: A review of one of the best and most child friendly restaurants in Bristol.

Monday: The Bristol 10k is taking place in three Sundays from now but not sure I’m ready to run yet.

Sunday: Not as many lonely times as you’d expect

Ephemeral Baby: posts over the last week

Review of how child friendly I found the new gastropub, the Botanist

A welcome to Mersina from her grandfather on his blog Efimeris

Spreading the baby news in Australia

Saturday in the park with Martin (and little M)

Shopping as a non-yummy mummy around Bristol

A tribute to cous cous, the miracle food, and a recipe

New post on Ephemeral Baby

A new post has been added on Ephemeral Baby: Our weekend adventures – shopping as a non-yummy mummy.

Ephemeral Baby: Get out

There’s a new post on Ephemeral Baby: http://baby.ephemeraldigest.co.uk/2011/04/get-out/

Baby blog posts moving on

Dear gentle readers,

Since having Mersina, seven weeks and two days ago, I have been a little biased in my posting and baby posts have increased from once a week to nearly every day.

In respect of this increased frequency and new focus I have decided to start a new blog exclusively about the baby and my adventures as a single parent.

You can visit at http://baby.ephemeraldigest.co.uk and subscribe for email updates or by RSS feed to keep up to date with what little M and I get up to through the year.

Changes to this site:
I am initially redirecting all posts to the new address and then will slowly be deleting from this blog as appropriate. This means that when you click on the menu Baby B you are now redirected to Ephemeral Baby. I am aiming to redirect all links to the new blog as soon as possible. I hope there is no disruption.

Hope to see you all there.