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Glassboat: a delightful lunch

On Thursday, 16 August, I had reason to celebrate and thought I’d find a lovely place for lunch. From St Michael’s Hill I walked through the Galleries at Broadmead and through Cabot Circus. I passed St Nicholas Market and did not stop for Pieminister or Source but carried on through to the Welsh Back right next to Bristol Bridge. I have written about the Glassboat before and promised to come back after a mildly unimpressive meal. On this Thursday at 12pm, the restaurant was almost empty and I could not resist the view from inside or the two-course meal for £10.

There was a special menu for £10 for two courses or £15 for three and a selection also available at normal prices.

I chose the bream on greens with a dill sauce for a main and an earl grey chocolate pot with chantilly cream for dessert. I almost selected the coq au vin with mashed potato because there was no mention of potatoes with the fish and on its own I feared that it would be less than substantial. Luckily it arrived with sauteed new baby potatoes which were a great accompaniment.

The fish was pan-fried and well-seasoned and while the portion looked medium sized it was just right for me. The skin was slightly browned at the edges and crisp, while the white flesh was firm with a mild flavour. The sea bream sat on a bed of kale and sauteed new potatoes which were surrounded by a drizzle of dill sauce. The tangy dill, with its almost fennel or aniseed hints of flavour, worked well with the fish and the butter sauce. The dish was a delicious treat.

The Earl Grey chocolate pot was served with a biscuit, a dollop of chantilly cream and splash of orange marmalade tasting sauce. The chocolate was very rich and needed all the other additions to make each bite pleasant. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it but I couldn’t finish the whole thing because the cream and marmalade splash finished before the chocolate did.

The chocolate was dark and was served as a firm mousse of sorts with a hint of the earl grey giving it a slight edge. Of the three selections available it was probably the right choice although a bit too decadent in its portion size that day for me.

My lunch at the Glassboat on this particular Thursday made up for the brief disappointment the previous May. The dishes afforded me a delicious chance to linger and I sat facing the Welsh Back which shone and reflected under the midday sun all the way to Radcliffe Bridge. A wonderful experience and I happily recommend the restaurant and the view.

The Glassboat, Welsh Back, Bristol BS1 4SB, tel: 0117 929 0704 email: restaurant@glassboat.co.uk


Open University, South West – Open Day

The Open University is holding an open day for the South West region. This provides an opportunity to find out about starting a new course or continuing your studies.

The event takes place on Saturday 4 September between 11.00 – 15.00 at 4 Portwall Lane, Bristol BS1 6ND (opposite St Mary Redcliffe Church).

The contact email address is south-west@open.ac.uk

As they suggest it’s a great opportunity to…

* Find out more about life as an OU student including the
opportunities and support available.

* Talk to an educational adviser about which course to begin
with or what to do next.

* Drop into the library to view a wide range of course materials.

If you would like to find out more about the event you can visit the following link, email them at south-west@open.ac.uk or call on 01179 299 641.

Redcliffe: a church, a tree, some clouds

Impact of Light, an exhibition

A lace curtain blows to one side in front of a window, a half-full glass of orange juice sits on the ledge. This is a scene that the Impact of Light Exhibition hopes will transform the way people look at, and think about, stained glass.

Since June 9th, various pieces have been on display at the Beechcroft Space which is housed within the large commercial law firm Beechcroft LPC. The location of the display is at Portwall Place, Portwall Lane, almost opposite the St Mary of Redcliffe Church and two crossings before Redcliffe Bridge.

I pass the building on the way back home and yesterday I took a moment to investigate what the new art works were doing in the windows of this large building. The exhibition has been set up by a group of glass artists who are also maintaining a blog about the work. As they say: ‘if you thought that stained glass was only for church windows, prepare to be amazed’.

I found it pleasant and the stained glass was curious and pretty enough to make me pause. The glass is visible at all times from the Brunel Mile, a walkway, which runs from Temple Meads Station to the SS Great Britain. It provides for an intriguing addition to a casual stroll towards the Welsh Back or the Bristol Temple Meads station. Whichever way you’re going, it’s just off to the side.

Impact of Light Exhibition, Wednesday 9th June to Tuesday 24th August 2010, Beachcroft Space, Portwall Place, Portwall Lane, Bristol