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Tobacco Factory: Tapas and Coffee

The Tobacco Factory for lunch on a Sunday did not offer a roast. Instead, there were some warm brasserie style lunches, baguettes, English muffins and a selection of tapas dishes.

Luckily they also had decaf coffee so along with the bread and humous (£3.20), olives and humous (£3.20) and patatas bravas (£3.80), I was able to enjoy a vanilla soy latte (£2.10 + 0.20p) and my friend had a green tea.

The bread was lovely, from Mark’s Bread across the road, and was firm of texture with a harder crust but not too tough. The selection was made up of white and brown bread drizzled with olive oil and supplemented with two triangles of butter. The first basket had five mediocre sized pieces while the second had a better amount.

The patatas bravas were roasted new potatoes, seasoned with salt and pepper and parsley. I say seasoned but most were barely flavoured while the rest were nice but the pepper was not entirely appropriate. The tomato sauce / salsa accompaniment had no seasoning at all and I didn’t bother with it after a couple of tastes. The humous was chunky but not too rough although again there was no seasoning apart from parsley and cumin. Salt was not a big factor in the meal at all (the butter was unsalted as well). The best dish was made up of the green and brown olives which were nice and the portion was a good size.

The vanilla soy latte was pleasant and tasty and the green tea was pretty standard and drinkable, apparently.

The meal was nice although it wasn’t meant to be more than a snack. It wasn’t amazing and could have done with more seasoning but it was worth the money. The environment was the most enjoyable aspect to the midday break. The room was large and most of the tables were full, families with little children, men on their own with newspapers and books, gatherings of young women and random urban professionals passing by. The space was large enough to make the conversations a slight noise in the background which allowed for comfortable talk and some semblance of privacy.

I suspect I’ll try a different dish next time and English muffins sounded very good. £5 for one of four selections including mushroom and cheese and smoked salmon with cream cheese. For an additional 50p each you can add a poached egg as well. Sounds ideal for brunch.

The Tobacco Factory, Raleigh Rd, Bristol, Avon BS31TF, 0117 902 0060


Theatre: Goings on in Bristol / Bath

Feeling quite happy with myself for not waiting until the end of the week before reading through the latest Venue. A few theatre productions caught my eye.

Bob, the Man on the Moon Bite-sized family-friendly theatre about a man whose daily commute sees him rocketing to the moon for a spot of lunar caretaking and space tourism. But having lovingly tended his craters for many years, poor Bob is still forlornly awaiting his first alien encounter…

At the Egg, Bath from Thursday 15 – Sunday 18 April.

Eurydice: a retold Greek myth – this time, the tragic / redemptive fate that befell Orpheus and Eurydice , heart-breakingly separated on their wedding day when our bride-to-be takes a nasty tumble and ends up in the underworld (Hades) with her memory wiped. How is she going to get back to the land of the living?

Eurydice is showing at the Old Vic from Tuesday 13 April to Saturday 16 April.

The Tempest playing at the Tobacco Factory until 1 May.

Prospero, magician and rightful Duke of Milan, has been deposed by his own brother and cast adrift on the ocean with his baby daughter. Surviving on a lonely island – becoming its new master – he draws his enemies to him by means of a tempest which wrecks their ship on his shore. Romance, broad comedy, and meditation on forgiveness combine in this extraordinarily charged and vivid fable, Shakespeare’s last major play.