Current reads and TBR

Field, M (2013) Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Myth, Metaphor & Morality — a present from my wonderful friend Hersh. I love this book so much already and I haven’t even started reading any of it yet. [From: present; Date: 17 November 2017]

Harmer, E. (2013) “Thesis on Gendered election coverage: the representation of women in British newspapers, 1918-2010”  [From:ethos; pdf; December 2017]

O’Connor, Bernard – Agent Fifi – Agent Fifi was mentioned in Mersina’s book of amazing women so I wanted to find out more about her. [From: library]

Tressell, R.   The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists – Mentioned on Twitter as a reflection of our times. [From: Gutenberg]

Walton, Jo – The Just City  — mentioned by my sister  [From: library]

White, T.

Bristol City Council (2018) Inclusive & Sustainable Economic Growth Strategy

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