Craft time at the library

Tuesday is our busy day which starts with swimming at 10.30 and usually sees us stay out of the house for as long as possible seeing as we are already out there. We usually have unstructured time at the library or go to the soft play at At Bristol.

For the first time, however, we joined in with our friends Jess and Mollie, Lydia and Max and Finn, in Craft Time at the library. The biggest selling point was the little outfits the children wear. They are a complete cover all over clothes so there is little chance of muckiness and the little ones can just have fun.

The craft session is led by a woman named Sam who greets the children and parents and then introduces something from the imagination box. This is a wooden chest which contains something which will be used for the creative and tactile part of the session.

Today there was a rolled up piece of paper which was to be the body of the rocket we created and built. First, there were paints and palettes and rollers. Then there was pvc glue and sparkly stars and squares and streamers and then we cut out a hole in the rocket and stapled on a triangular piece of paper to make the head or pointy bit of it.

Mersina managed pretty well with only a couple of escapes into the book section when she lost interest. For the most part she enjoyed eating the paint and glue and sticking on little sparklies after having given up on the painting with the rollers.

We paid £4.50 for the session and the next one is free so we can see if we like it enough to join up. We’ll try it again next week and then see if we keep going.

Mersina at craft times at the library

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