A lifeline for the eternal student

I can’t afford to study with UK higher education institutions (HEIs) anymore. Since the introduction of tuition fees were introduced under the coalition government, undergraduate courses at the Open University have gone up from 200-300£s to around £1200 for a small course. I can’t afford that kind of money now that I work part time and am raising a little girl.

I have instead turned to free courses from overseas universities. Some very good and indeed elite universities like Stanford, MIT and Harvard.

Do check them out – here’s a list of 50 courses, which offer some sort of certificate, from Open Culture.

Update: The Guardian has now also written about this phenomenon in Do online courses spell the end for the traditional university?

4 responses to “A lifeline for the eternal student”

  1. That is a lot of money. I did a few UK Open University courses and I was happy enough to pay 200/300 pounds but that is really high enough – I don’t just mean in terms of being affordable but also in terms of what is a fair price for such a course.

  2. I agree with you, Judith. For me those courses were worth no more than that but it’s bizarre to think that they were heavily subsidized by the government. There is now no longer a presumption that you study things to better yourself but only to “better yourself” by investing in knowledge as a way into the marketplace. Or not even knowledge but qualifications.

    It’s the saddest thing.

    1. Certainly sad. And that in a country that is/was very good at U3A and evening courses for women/the working class, etc. I guess they are funded differently so hopefully will not disappear. I did a good few of those, too!

  3. […] have written previously about this new trend in massive online courses (MOOCs) and this is the one I thought I would try: […]

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