New pattern: Brexit Socks for leavers and remainers

Whether they stay or go, this socks are sticking together

As March 29 2019—the original Brexit day—came and left with no resolution as to what would happen, I thought the best way to work out some of my limbo angst was by making a Brexit sock pattern. One sock has 27 stars and the second sock has 28, reflecting the UK’s desire to leave and remain.  The pattern is simple but it stands out in the soft colours of the yarn.

The yarn is a one-off vegan yarn that I dyed just to have something to play with. I can heartily recommend Scheepjes Catona 4ply yarn, however. And plenty others will do just fine.

This sock is knit from the cuff down, all-in-one. A simple star repeat as a zig zag made makes up the design. Each sock has a slightly different zig zag pattern. The first sock starts with five rows between each star and then gently decreases to three rows between each star. The second sock has the same beginning as the first one and then keeps going with five rows between each star past the heel turn. It then decreases to only one row between each star. The two zig zags mirror each other.

Use code Brexit at the following link for 50% off for the next three days

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