2013, planning ahead

When I was writing every day I would find so many things interesting because I needed to post things of interest. Last year I let go of the daily post and found life less interesting – or maybe vice versa. I’m not sure. I know that I want to record a lot more of what my daughter does and what I do so I don’t lose so many of my experiences. I will do a post a day for the next year and then evaluate how it goes in a year from now. This will be my #365 project and resolution number one.

As befitting a new year I also want to do lots and lots of things and have made some resolutions. I love resolutions. I love making them more than I like doing them but nevertheless I want some goals which I know will make my life richer and happier.

Here goes. Happy 2013 to me, from me.

Family life

  • write down at least one good thing that happened each day
  • Watch one Greek movie a month so that my vocabulary improves
  • Create my little girl’s first album of her own pictures after buying her a camera.
  • Take m swimming
  • Take m to gymnastics


  • Do at least one run a week
  • Join the gym again
  • Do some swimming


  • Earn badges throughout the year of tasks I set for myself:
    • new restaurant badge, visit three new restaurants
    • culture badge, visit one of Arnolfini, art display, etc
    • (must think of 12, one for each month – activities need to be done within that month) [will do separate badge post]

  • Do at least one cooking class;
  • Read some books from my childhood, Trixie Belden, the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew
  • Knit one item of clothing in 2013.
  • Create the Old Woman Who Lived in the Shoe for little m

The old lady ho lived in the shoe


  • Write about the books from my childhood.
  • One article a week
  • One blog post a day #365
  • Write a sitcom episode;
  • Finish my novel
  • complete my A-Z challenge


  • A daily spiritual practice, meditation, quotations, something supportive.
  • Learn more about Buddhism
  • Read Osho
  • Read Gandhi

[thinking of some more]

I liked this idea of capturing every day events – Project life – http://kapachino.info/2012/12/project-life-my-process-tips-and-going-forward-2/

One response to “2013, planning ahead”

  1. That’s a lot to work towards, Joanne. Good luck with your resolutions. I only have a few vague ones in my head, which I may still write out to make sure I do something with them.

    Happy new year!

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